Transition Lenses

Transitions lenses, otherwise known as react-to-light or photochromic lenses, can be added to most of our lenses and allows the lenses to transition to sunglasses when they react to UV light. Once the ambient light intensity diminishes,  the lenses quickly fade back to full clarity. During these rapid transitions, total UV protection remains in place and the wearer does not have the struggle of changing between different eyewear. 

The newest version of transition lenses now work in the car. It used to be the case that transition lenses would not darken when in the car as most modern windscreens absorb the UV light, which is what the lenses react to. However,  wearers can now benefit from this new technology which allows the lenses to react to light behind the car windscreen, providing comfort and full UV protection whilst driving. 

It is also now possible to add a special coating to these lenses which provides a slight mirror tint when the lenses have reacted to the light, and a subtle shine when indoors. 



At Harpenden Eye Centre, our colour chart contains over 60 options for sunglasses, giving our patients a wide and varied choice. Our labs specialise in sunglasses tints and offer numerous different combinations including graduated tints, mirror and faint mirror tints and a range of colours from classic greys or browns to more adventurous colours such as blues, greens or pinks. 

We also offer polarised sunglass lenses which effectively block reflective light and eliminate glare. Polarised lenses provide a comfortably clear view with crisp colours and rich contrasts  and enable the wearer to  experience a better standard of visual comfort in the sun. 

All of our sunglasses contain a 100% UV filter on both the front and back surface of the lenses, fully absorbing the harmful UV light and blocking it from entering the wearer's eyes.