Eye Examinations

At Harpenden Eye Centre, we conduct both private and NHS eye examinations. We recommend you have an eye test every year, or more frequently if recommended by our optometrists. With more than 100 different ways to test your eyes are working correctly, our opticians select the tests most appropriate for you. The eye test not only provides an accurate assessment of your ability to see, but also gauges the general health of your eyes and can result in early identification of other medical conditions such as diabetes.


A comprehensive eye examination  takes around half an hour by one of our friendly, fully-qualified optometrists, who will tailor the examination to your eyes’ specific needs.

Every eye examination is unique, although many parts are common for all:

•An assessment of your ocular health where the optometrist will check the internal and external parts of your eyes with a bright light to make sure they are healthy and operating normally. Many health issues such as cataracts, diabetes, or hypertension can affect the eyes without you realising though can be identified by an optometrist at this stage of the test

•A discussion about your current eyesight requirements and other health and lifestyle issues which may be relevant

•An assessment of any current glasses you may be using and their suitability

•An assessment of your eyesight to determine how well you can see with and without glasses. Optometrists use the 'Letter Chart'  which has letters of different sizes and is used to give a score of how well you can see

•The optometrist uses lenses of different strengths to determine if your eyesight can be improved with glasses

•Ensuring you can see clearly at all distances; far, intermediate (VDU), and close, including any specific occupational or leisure requirements

•An assessment of how well your eyes work together which may be carried out in different ways, often using the 'OXO' test or using special lens filters and 3D tests