Occupational lenses, otherwise known as office or enhanced reading lenses, are designed for those who require correction of both near and intermediate vision. The prescriptions within these lenses are seamless, providing an ultimate solution for those who spend a large proportion of their day conducting close and computer work in an office or boardroom environment. 

At Harpenden Eye Centre, we offer two different types of office and enhanced reading lenses:


These lenses are the ideal solution for those requiring correction of both intermediate and near vision. These lenses provide a wide and comfortable view of both near and intermediate surroundings and give a wide depth of vision. These lenses can be tailored to the wearers needs and working distances, such as a lens that is ideal for close and computer work up to 200cm, or a lens that is designed to allow the wearer to look across the boardroom and back to their computer whilst maintaining clear vision. 


Individualised office or enhanced reading lenses provide the ultimate exclusive solution for a modern working environment. These lenses have the widest visual field with a seamless transition between prescriptions and provide unsurpassed binocular performance. These lenses can be individually tailored to the wearers exact requirements, and there are many different variations to be considered. These lenses can be made with a particular focus on screen work, work at a distance a little further than a computer, or close work which is ideal for specialist hobbies or professions which require high levels of precision, such as sewing or microscope work.