The lenses inside our eyes become less transparent as we age which causes us to become more aware of glare, especially when driving at night.  With the recent introduction of Xenon headlights, which are brighter than conventional halogen headlights, this glare can become particularly bothersome. Further to this, peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to distinguish colour all become more difficult during low-light conditions. Driving lenses are available in single vision or varifocals to help to eliminate these issues and provide a more comfortable driving experience. 

There are two types of driving lenses:


Standard driving lenses are optimised for driving and reduce glare and reflections from oncoming traffic and streetlights. These lenses provide a better contrast and brightness experience while driving in low-light conditions. 


Advanced driving lenses are designed specifically for motorists to minimise the stress on the visual system and contain a specially developed glare filter for significant reduction of reflections and uncomfortable glare from oncoming traffic. These lenses offer an improved contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions, fog and rain. The design of these lenses allows for the sharpest vision while providing a high-definition, contrast-enhancing filter for the ultimate road experience.